SHEawase currently consists of Melissa Shows, Tara Muchmore, Morgan Davis, and Maxine Ortner.  Find out about the members of SHEawase and the staff below.

Melissa Shows

Leader of SHEawase

Color:  Pink

Birthday: October 5

Tara Muchmore

Sub Leader of SHEawase

Color: Aqua Blue

Birthday: May 8

Morgan Davis

Rapunzel Leader

Color: Honey

Birthday: February 19

Max Ortner

Charisma Leader

Color: Green

Birthday: April 14


Prismic Records

Prismic Records is the official label of Prismic Studios.  Prismic Studios is a full multimedia production facility in Oklahoma City that opened in 2013.



Dano Kablamo

Dano Kablamo is a talented artist and musician.  He started Prismic Studios in 2013 and has been creating music, video games, and films ever since, as well as sharing his experience by teaching others.

Joy Whelpley

Hello everyone! My name is Joy Whelpley, and I am the Manager for SHEawse. I have always been interested in Japanese culture, history, Anime, music… actually I love everything about it! It was in my freshmen year (2002) that I was introduced to the performing arts. I will admit I have stage fright, but backstage, that is my home. I love building sets, sewing, doing hair and make-up, directing the lights and sound, and managing (making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, solving problems, and ensuring things go smoothly).

Theatre taught me most of what I needed to know, but I wanted to refine my skills and become better, so I went to College (University of Central Oklahoma). It is there that I was introduced to stage combat, and it was there that I met Tara. My love for helping productions grew, and I learned that I like to make costumes that have a little bit of engineering behind them. During this adventure, Tara introduced me to Melissa. They asked if I would help them with a concert performance at a convention it Texas (Comicpalooza 2012). The rest is more or less history that is still being written.

I cannot wait to work more with SHEawse, and I am always looking forward to traveling with them on their next Adventure.

Emily Hood

Hi there!  My name is Emily Hood, and I am Assistant Manager to SHEawase!  Ever since I was around seven or eight, I’ve been interested in J-Pop.  The first group I got interested in was Morning Musume.  Then when my sister joined SHEawase, I got to meet the rest of the amazing members!  I felt so welcome and loved by all of them.  Not long after, I was offered the position of Assistant Manager by the amazing Manager, Joy!  I am truly so excited to be working with these lovely, talented people.

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