Kitti Maherin – Owner of NekoSquared

SHEawase is a group of talented, hardworking ladies who put their full attention and heart into every effort they undertake. Not only do they bring to the table their ability to entertain and their splendid attitudes, but they also are highly intelligent young women who can come up with timely, innovative solutions to any unexpected obstacles that may come their way (or even yours). I highly recommend booking them as an independent group, supporting performers, and/or promotional team members.


Jeff Lee –

As a convention goer I am always on the lookout for new interesting things and people. Seems I found both in SHEawase. I actually saw them perform twice in 2011; the first in Houston’s Comicpalooza and then later in the summer in Dallas.

Quickly I will say I liked the music and their act. While Japanese pop is new to my ear, it is something that has already atuned to my taste.
Also, SHEawase dance and the foursome do that very well. The dance performance is one of my favorite parts of the show. You can see the hard work they put into it and the finished product is complex yet full of energy.

The only problem I have with SHEawase is that I do not see or hear them enough. Good thing they are releasing their first single soon.
Finally, I might also mention that in visiting with these young ladies, that they are extremely nice people.
Can’t wait until they have a regular tour schedule.


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Highlights – There are many exciting possibilities for SHEawase in the future by marketing in both the United States and Japan. Their passion for music and bubbly personalities gives them a great advantage in gaining a foothold in Japan. I wish them great success in the future and I will be sure to listen to their single when it is released.

[In the video above, …] the girls are very energetic in their performance. The moves are in sync and Happy! Project is very expressive in their execution of the dance onstage. Their moves are very concise and well rehearsed.


Maxine Ortner – Internet Idol, Artist, Past Member of Oishii! Project, Current Member of SHEawase

(Written before she joined SHEawase) I have been a major supporter of SHEawase since they were just starting out originally as Happy!Project. They have truly come a long way since then. These girls are full of talent in every aspect, singing, dancing, and even costume design and creation. They are always so professional and kind off-stage and on stage is even more of an experience. They all work together so nicely and it really shows. Some performers don’t really care about what they do, but these girls are fantastic and love doing it and I know will for more years to come. Recently, they had come out with their first CD. Of course, I had to buy a copy. The quality of the vocals is outstanding. Not much editing is done to the vocals, so you can still hear the passion behind them. I love being able to hear people sing rather than the synths taking over. They do all their singing live, and it sounds just as lovely. They are excellent performers and if I had to pick a group, I would pick them to perform in a heartbeat!


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