Press Kit

To whom it may concern,

Hello.  My name is Melissa Shows.  I am the founder and leader of SHEawase.

SHEawase (SHEあわせ) is an all-American Japanese pop girl unit.  Performing covers of many popular J-pop songs as well as our own original songs, we are known for our charming costumes and energetic live performances. Coming together in 2006 under the name Happy! Project, our aim is to become the first well-known Japanese pop group in America.

In 2012, we changed our name to SHEawase and released our first original single “Mujuu Ryoku Boy, Ranhansha Girl”. We signed with the Indie Label Prismic Records in 2014 and soon after released our second original single “Someday Far Away”.  The group consists of Melissa Shows, Tara Muchmore, Morgan Davis, and Max Ortner.

We have performed concerts around the United States, from small events to large conventions.  We are always interested in performing and would love to talk with you about any opportunities you may have for us to participate at your event.  Please feel free to go through the rest of our electronic press kit from the links below.




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Feel free to contact us at  You can also contact us on our contact page or through our Facebook.

Thank you!


~Melissa Shows

Leader, SHEawase

© SHEawase 2015