SHEawase is always looking for new performance opportunities!

If you are a convention owner, organizer, or staff, please look at our Press Kit.  This includes information about past performances, what we can offer you, and more.  You can also contact us through the website’s contact page, our Facebook page, and email us.

If you are a fan of SHEawase and would like to see us at your local event, please contact your event’s staff to request us as special guests.  There are several ways to go about this.  First, you can email your convention’s staff letting them know that you would like to see us perform and link them to our website, press kit, and/or youtube.  Second, you can post in the forums with the same information.  You can also contact them through Facebook and Twitter, though from our experience, they prefer to be contacted through the forums and email.  If you need assistance in what to say, please see our suggestions below.


Hello!  I am a fan of SHEawase.  They are an American based Japanese pop group that performs both original songs and covers of popular Japanese music.  They have released 2 cds and are working on a third.  They have been signed to Prismic Records since 2014.  I would really like to see SHEawase perform at (PUT THE NAME OF YOUR EVENT HERE).

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